10 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

One of the things homeowners desire is to find ways of saving money by building in efficiencies. This can include anything from smart technology to useful apps that make a home more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Learn ten ways to make your new home more efficient and how to incorporate them into your current home.


Most people lose money by setting their thermostats too high. Lower the thermostat while away from home by three to five degrees to use less energy and maximize savings of between 5-15% per year.


Low-flow rates of less than 2.5gpm (gallons per minute) will reduce usage by half. Look to replace the showerheads in each bathroom, starting with the most heavily trafficked one.

Seal Windows

If windows are drafty, consider weatherstripping around the frame if replacing them is not cost effective. Sealing gaps and cracks is an easy and inexpensive way to lower energy costs.

Space Heaters

Many space heaters use 1,500 watts of energy to run and quickly drain your energy bill. Consider layering clothes or investing in blankets to save money.

Turn Water Off

The average homeowner, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can save around $170 per year with small changes to water usage. Don’t run water while shaving or brushing teeth. Bathing can use 75 gallons of water compared with 17.2 gallons with a shower. Run full loads in a washer to conserve water (and money).

Replace Bulbs

Halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, and light-emitting diode bulbs offer longer lasting light which is more efficient than old incandescent bulbs.

Unplug Chargers

Cell phone and battery chargers plugged in but not in use are energy vampires. This can add up to 10% of your energy bill with more than one charging at a time.

Cold Shower

Avoid running a washer with hot water and opt for cool or warm where possible. Approximately 90% of your energy used by the washer is used to heat the water and only 10% to run the machine.

Go Solar

Solar panels are not cheap but they heat hot water and generate electricity for homes. Solar panels have many benefits like lowering fossil fuel usage and help you qualify for annual tax incentives.

Storm Door

Adding a storm door can add a layer of protection year-round. It may help reduce energy loss by up to 50% and last as long as 50 years.

Trying just one or two items on this list can produce huge savings for a family. With the right tools, you can reduce your bill and your environmental footprint, all at the same time.



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