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Why New Custom Homes Make the Best West Chester Ohio Real Estate

The community of West Chester is a vibrant blend of residential, professional, and recreational development which has put the town on a map for both businesses and families to thrive. People are moving into West Chester Ohio real estate at a faster rate than ever to take advantage of the many opportunities to live in this peaceful, friendly community.

West Chester Ohio Real Estate

A Thriving Community

West Chester was named one of the top 100 communities of populations between 50,000 and 300,000, making it a great place for families to build a home. With many young families moving into the community, it is fun and safe for kids while also encouraging growth in the business sector. Located less than an hour from Cincinnati, West Chester is poised to thrive and grow while still maintaining its standing as an excellent smaller community in which to raise a family and purchase property.

Building West Chester Homes

The Groves is a community at West Chester Village which is brand new to West Chester. The community features single-family homes in a variety of styles to suit many tastes. Located in the outstanding Lakota school district, the Groves is an ideal place to raise a family and look for West Chester, Ohio real estate. Close to schools, superb restaurants, shopping centers and major highways, this is a community that is thriving and growing. Homes in The Groves feature a pool with a pool house, walking trails, lakes with fountain and waterfalls, a tot lot and close proximity to an incredible school district. West Chester, Ohio, is a place that is making a name for itself with affordable housing options for families.

The Benefits of West Chester Ohio Real Estate

Custom homes created with families in mind are available now in West Chester. Many upgrades are included in the standard features of Brookstone Homes models, each built with quality in mind. The goal for our model homes is to provide buyers with excellent survey of available features and a testament to the consistent quality of our work, while ensuring a smooth home-building process should you decide to customize a new home for your family. With a custom home, families can select from many options and amenities including flooring, space, layout, and other features which allow for creativity while pursuing comfort and functionality. All of our homes are created with our families in mind as we strive to provide the best in West Chester, Ohio real estate. When creating the home of your dreams, it is our job to make sure the process is smooth and you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Building a custom home has never been easier or more exciting.


If you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, call Brookstone Homes.

We will provide you with high quality and a commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction with the process. Consider Brookstone Homes for your next design build.

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Houses in Cincinnati

We Use Only Quality Materials for Building Houses in Cincinnati

Houses in Cincinnati are made from all manner of construction materials but not every buyer understands the nuances involved in selecting the best exterior building materials. Materials influence more than appearance, they also influence essential things like quality, energy efficiency, sustainability, and durability. Any new home construction is going to place great importance on the quality of materials and the skilled hands molding those materials into something truly beautiful.

Building Materials for Houses in Cincinnati

Learn the Ropes

Most first-time buyers don’t know much about the variety of building materials available for a new home. Houses in Cincinnati range in style and function but are generally constructed with materials common amongst all homes built in the Midwest. While materials vary depending on weather conditions and regional climate, the high quality materials speak for themselves. Most buyers choose to work with an experienced builder to help navigate the homebuilding process and make construction choices. While many buyers of newly built homes know very little of the materials, it’s possible to learn what to look for along the way. Doing this homework will give you the advantage when working with your custom home builder.

Know The Big Three

The following three factors are important to consider when looking at exterior building materials for new houses in Cincinnati.


Your budget is always a consideration when planning a new home construction. Maintenance and durability are key factors in choosing building materials, as well as the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for, but all of that should be chosen wisely. Upscale materials can skyrocket your budget, cutting into that extra room or additional feature you were hoping to have. Some people prefer natural wood siding for its beauty and rustic look, but need to understand the required maintenance over time to keep it in good condition. Architectural quality is very important. Wood can deteriorate quickly in direct southern sun exposure so this should be a consideration. With a larger budget, homebuyers may select materials with better aesthetic value and focus less on cost or maintenance.


With the four seasons in play for new houses in Cincinnati, it is best to consider climate as a factor when selecting materials. Temperatures can fluctuate as much as 30 or 40 degrees in a single day. The most popular material for homes may be a hardier type of material with long durability that can withstand the elements. Even if it is more expensive up front, high quality versatile materials will age more efficiently and last longer.

Energy Efficiency

Many buyers take into consideration energy efficiency, sustainability, or lower utility bills when choosing construction materials and techniques. Buyers are interested in sustainable building practices but have to consider a balance between budget and quality. When a cost-benefit analysis is completed, the number one choice is usually the one that suits the family best and is less maintenance over the long term. Low-maintenance materials such as Trex are more popular for decks than wood because it can be more durable.

It can be overwhelming for buyers to consider all the options when building new houses in Cincinnati but a trusted local home builder can navigate these purchasing decisions for you, keeping things within budget while still achieving your dream home.


If you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, call Brookstone Homes. We are a trusted home builder in Cincinnati with a long history of providing excellent service to  suit your specific desires and budget. Give us a call to find out how we can help you start the home building process.

Best Home Builders in Cincinnati, Ohio

What Makes Brookstone Homes One of the Best Home Builders in Cincinnati, Ohio

Brookstone Homes is one of the best home builders in Cincinnati Ohio, for numerous reasons. We build new homes in communities throughout the area including Northern Kentucky and Indiana, with a long list of highly satisfied clients who can vouch for the care and quality we put into each and every home we build. Learn more about what makes our commitment to new home builders the best around.

Home Builders in Cincinnati Ohio

New Construction Features

At Brookstone Homes, we include many upgrades in standard features for new homes. We strive to provide homebuyers with the highest quality construction and design in every home we build. We communicate with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction, conception to completion. Our desire is that home buyers experience a smooth process that is both timely and efficient. We proudly provide an extensive collection of features designed to provide an array of customization options so that the home we build is unique to you and exactly what you want.

Team Commitment

As one of the most experienced home builders in Cincinnati, Ohio, Brookstone Homes is owned and operated by a fifth generation home builder who understands customers and what they want from a new home. We believe the customer knows best and we strive to make a house to that standard. The home building process is full of emotion, ups and downs, and lots of decisions to make but we’re committed to delivering the best in service, amenities, and home design that home buyers are sure to enjoy now and in the future. Our team of talented Cincy builders works in several communities in the area and bring together a wealth of knowledge in design, construction, and customer satisfaction based on decades of experience building in numerous area markets.

Award Winning Team

Our team of award-winning home builders in Cincinnati Ohio are committed to ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction across the board. There is nothing better than handing a homeowner the keys to a new property that was visioned and designed from start to finish. Homeowners form the backbone of our business model wherein we strive to make sure all the customer’s needs are met while delivering high quality products and design that surpass expectation and delight families looking for a fresh new house to call home.

Give us an inch, we’ll give a mile.

Our desire is to see a homebuyer create and build their very own dream home. At Brookstone, we are devoted to creating an atmosphere of sophistication with our techniques and approach that will leave you with a positive and life changing experience as the doors open to that new home and buyers are able to settle in knowing the home was created with the finest craftsmanship in Cincinnati.


Don’t put your home buying needs in just any hands, put them in the hands of professionals who understand the business like nobody else. Brookstone Homes understands what you need and desire in a home. Call us to find out how we can help you design and build the home you have always dreamed of.

Explore Our Inventory of Luxury Homes for Sale in Cincinnati

The list of homes for sale in Cincinnati has never been better when it comes to buying a luxury property. Brookstone Homes provides the latest inventory of upscale custom homes to provide homebuyers with the most beautiful home options anywhere in southern Ohio. Buying an inventory home from a premier builder like Brookstone comes with numerous benefits, so explore our available inventory homes for sale in Cincinnati and let us know when you’d like to schedule a tour!

Inventory Homes for Sale Cincinnati

An inventory home is essentially a new construction or pre-construction home available for immediate purchase. Brookstone Homes contracts on new homes before the home is built which allows the homeowner to select from a few options or colors prior to the building completion.  If you don’t want to go through the process of building a custom home from start to finish, buying one of our inventory homes can be a great alternative to the entire custom home building process, especially if you’re eager to get moved in to your new home in Cincinnati without a wait. Our inventory homes are offered at great prices to new buyers looking for a great deal on a new construction homes for sale in the Cincinnati area.

Numerous benefits come with purchasing an inventory home constructed by our talented Cincy builders. New buyers are able to skip the building process and yet still get many masterfully crafted designs along with quality and originality not seen anywhere else. Inventory homes come with the added benefit of a great deal on these beautiful custom properties.

When an inventory home is purchased, the buyer has immediate equity in the home, which is a great deal for the new owner. As the property closes, it is released from inventory and is worth more than what was paid, which provides increased value immediately to the new owner. Even though the home has many amenities already in place, a complete view of the finished product is available with no guesswork in terms of layout, construction, or fit for furniture and other things the new owner may wish to bring into the property. Everything is already done for the new buyer except to purchase, which can result in a quick closing process in the end.

Inventory homes have grown in appeal for buyers of homes for sale in Cincinnati who are able to buy a home with modern features but not pay the premium pricing. This is a worthwhile investment for the buyer overall and leads to less construction woes as well.

Brookstone Homes has inventory homes available in communities throughout the Cincinnati area, which includes Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Indiana. New Homes are available now to enjoy or may be currently under construction. We welcome new buyers to review homes that are of interest and contact Brookstone agents for a tour of these breathtaking family homes.

If you’re ready to purchase an inventory home, call Brookstone Homes.

We provide all the information you need to make the best decision before and during the home buying process. We have different homes across various styles in different locations.

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