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How to Build a Custom Home Like the Pros

How to Build a Custom Home Like the Pros

When buying a custom home, it can help to know what to expect over the next several months of the process. Learning how to build a custom home starts with some initial steps like making sure a site is ready for a home and picking a style. If property is owned, then a home just needs to be selected with an architect and buyer. Either way, once the decisions get made, the ball is rolling and things can finally kick into gear. Learn more about what to expect from the construction process during each phase.

The Ohio Home Construction Process


After blueprints are finalized, the local building authorities must give the go-ahead for the lot to be prepared for building. Expect lots of backhoes, bulldozers, and dump trucks on site. Workers will clear trees and any obstructions to level the lot and dig holes.


Walls, floors, and roofs are put into place which define the shape and “bones” of the home. This process is known as ‘rough framing,’ or getting the nuts and bolts together so the house can be built upon a solid foundation. This may be difficult to visualize the final product without walls, but soon those will go up, too.

Interior Installation

The interior of the home should be protected from weather so that the installation of heating and cooling ducts, plumbing, and electrical wiring can be put into place. This will require an inspector to sign off.


The walls will finally get filled with insulation that keeps the home warm in winter and cool in summer. Families who go through the process will learn how to build a custom home from the ground up and see how fiberglass, cellulose, or foam insulation is placed carefully. Much of the decision on types of insulation depends on budget and climate.


Drywall goes up and it finally seems like a home is being constructed. The seams are taped and ‘mudded,’ then texture finish applied. After the drywall is up, walls will be primed with paint.

Finishes and Trims

Interior trim including doors, door casings, window sills, and stair balusters come next. The final coat of paint goes on the walls and everything will be installed. The builder will install hard-surfaced final flooring like tile, vinyl, and laminate. Driveways, walkways, and patios will get poured as part of the exterior work along with final grading.

Flooring and Finishing

Flooring will get put into place before the final inspection and walkthrough. A certification of occupancy will get drawn up for that new home that will help create a sense of finality to the process of learning how to build a custom home. Checking everything out to be sure it is finished well and to code is important.


If you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, call Brookstone Homes. We specialize in communicating with our clients to meet their needs start to completion. We are eager to help you get the home you desire and support the vision you always dreamed of. Call us to find out how we can help you achieve that dream today: (513) 340-7200

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Community Spotlight: Parkland Meadows

Community Spotlight: Parkland Meadows

Parkland Meadows is a beautiful new home community located in Symmes Township in the city of Loveland, Ohio, just 15 miles northeast of the Cincinnati city limits. Loveland is a community that grew around the Little Miami River, which has many miles of paved flat trail affectionately called the “Loveland Bike Trail,” otherwise known as the Little Miami State Park. Seventy miles long, easy access to the park provides space for hiking, biking, nearby restaurants, coffee, and entertainment along the path.

In addition to nature trails and parks, Loveland boasts a school district which serves a population of 50,000 residents and supports early childhood education all the way through high school with innovative and expansive programs that focus on building student excellence. This, and many other reasons, are why Parkland Meadows is the perfect community to move into and build a home.

Why People Love Parkland Meadows

Parkland Meadows is a community of homes that feature maintenance free-yards, which means the neighborhood development pays to keep landscaping looking fresh and clean cut. Families never have to worry about keeping the lawn mowed or yards looking neat and clean which is great for busy families or older residents. Parkland Meadows also boasts tree-lined lots with walk-outs available. Many amenities provide an atmosphere that draws families to the area, including proximity to Symmes Township Park and entertainment available for dining out and shopping.

Loveland area schools are another great benefit of living in Symmes Township, Ohio, with a growing school district with many young families, there is not better place to start and grow a family. The privacy is another reason families choose Parkland Meadows, with 16 lots on a cul de sac, parents and kids can feel safe with minimal traffic and sidewalks on both sides.

Design Your Home with Brookstone

Available home designs in the Parkland Meadows community are varied, with many exterior design options from which to choose your favorite. The designs include:

The Laurel: Features over 1,500 square feet, including 2-4 bedrooms, and 2-3 bathrooms depending on the options selected. A spacious master suite with walk-in closet and optional second story make this a great option for families.

The Reily: Features over 1,100 square feet of space, including 2-4 bedrooms and 2-4 bathrooms, depending on the selected options. A great room opens to the dining room and kitchen which features a spacious pantry for storage.

The Shawnee: Features 1,600 square feet including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The master suite has a walk-in closet and options include a master bath and powder room.

The Springfield: Features over 1,400 square feet which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Award-winning design features large living area for entertaining and spacious kitchen for dining.

The Sycamore: Features over 1,700 square feet of space including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with 1,200 square feet of space available for a finished lower level to entertain guests or host family gatherings in a cozy environment.

The Wyoming: Features over 1,600 square feet including 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. The open floor plan boasts a kitchen, dining and family room for sharing with family and friends.


Brookstone Homes is ready to build the custom home of your dreams in Parkland Meadows or one of our other premier communities. If you are ready to build a signature home, call us. We can help you design and build a home that will suit all your needs: (513) 340-7200.

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What Do Home Builders in Ohio Do?

What Do Home Builders in Ohio Do?

It takes an army of people to build a home. Home builders in Ohio are among some of the most skilled and talented craftsmen in the country, offering something truly valuable to families searching for the perfect home. A home builder must understand all the complexities of construction and coordinate copious details with other contractors in an effort to build and sell a quality product. Find out just what home builders in Ohio do and how this translates to creating beautiful custom homes for families like you.

Building a Home in Ohio

Home builders in Ohio must coordinate the process from start to finish, which begins with planning ahead. A whole range of tasks must be carried out simultaneously while staying within a defined budget and timeline, making teamwork and communication paramount. A home builder is a manager who makes sure dozens of contractors and professionals–from carpenters to engineers, plumbers to electricians–get their work done right and on time. Think of the home builder like a CEO of a company, who relies on a number of workers to get a job done right. Carefully assessing the land, home builders in Ohio make sure properties comply with zoning regulations, local planning laws, and environmental restrictions for suitability. During the process, the builder must also carefully consider landscaping options and erosion control.

Determining the Fitness of the Land

Once home builders in Ohio determine land is suitable for construction, there is a process to navigate permits with local government officials and communities. Research must be done about building codes which govern plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and fire safety. Finally, the builder collects permits from various authorities prior to proceeding with construction. Once through this process, the builder must prepare the site and stake out the location.

Getting Started

A home builder oversees the whole process from laying foundation to staking out location and getting the building into shape. The process must be checked at all times to be sure the construction site is up to code and meets guidelines set by local officials. Any hindrance to this process can result in a longer timeline to finish the project or increased costs. Once the house is finished, the appropriate municipal departments are alerted for final inspection. Ultimately, the goal is to find a satisfied customer in the family building the home. Content customers will recommend a builder to other prospective homebuyers, which increases the likelihood of creating more custom homes.

The best thing home builders in Ohio do is grow and develop our local communities by erecting proud, beautiful family homes and providing excellent service to customers. While the builder must keep the process moving in a timely fashion and making sure the home is constructed properly, the real magic is in the final product; a place where children will grow up and create memories, families will nurture love and bonds, and communities will thrive with neighbors and mutual support. A family can move into a home constructed by talented Ohio home builders like the folks here at Brookstone Homes, and finally enjoy the new space, knowing it was created with careful planning along the way by an experienced home builder.

Brookstone Homes builds properties you can be proud to call home. With our custom features and options available, we have something for everyone’s desires and needs. Our homes are suitable for small, large, and growing families. Whatever your need, we are the premier builder in Ohio to take you to your forever home.

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Featured Home Design: The Nantucket Floor Plan

Here at Brookstone Homes, we feature a variety of unique floor plans and signature home designs to suit your family’s next move into a home you will love for years to come. One of the homes we feature is the Nantucket floor plan design. Each of our signature home designs come with a variety of elevations and styles to allow you the necessary customization to make it truly unique to you and your family.

What Makes the Nantucket Floor Plan Unique

Explore the benefits of enjoying one of our signature home designs with the Nantucket floor plan. There are many benefits both inside and out that will be exciting to families who want lots of space and room to grow.


Four different elevations are available for the Nantucket floor plan, with unique design features offered and optional styles and colors. Each elevation provides a welcoming front porch on which to greet guests or be welcomed home at the end of the day. The overall layout offers over 2,400 square feet of space which provides ample room for families to entertain friends and host loved ones.


The Nantucket home design features a spacious kitchen for cooking and dining. Whether it is serving breakfast to the family or hosting dinners, the large kitchen with a full island is perfectly suited for entertaining. An optional built-in nook can be created for additional space and to provide a cozy feel. Four beds and 2.5 baths round out the rooms in this home design which include options for office space or guest rooms. Host a party or family event in the large family activity center that comes with a second bath when the second floor plan is selected. Creating a cozy, welcoming home has never been more exciting with all the features and options available in the Nantucket floor plan.


Building Your Dream Home with the Nantucket Home Design

Brookstone understands how to deliver on big promises to satisfied customers. We work as a team to provide an experience that is unmatched by any other builder. We come with decades of experience in the business of building custom homes in Cincinnati and beyond. Owner Shannon Lachenman is a fifth generation home builder who puts just the right touches on houses to help Cincinnati families feel truly comfortable in their new family home.  We deliver the best in home buying and building opportunities and will help you get that dream property built to satisfaction quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

Our signature homes designs, like the Nantucket, are just waiting for you to create the home of your dreams. We have architects ready to consult with you and are ready to help design a space to fit your family’s unique needs.

Give us a call to get started: (513) 340-7200.