Enjoy the Benefits of Building a New Home

Enjoy the Benefits of Building a New Home

Enjoy the Benefits of Building a New Home

The best time to build a new home is right now. Interest rates are lower than they have been and material prices continue to hold at low rates. In addition, the benefits of building a new home with experienced Cincinnati home builders like Brookstone Homes are hard to beat! Don’t wait to make your family’s dreams a reality.

The Benefits of Building a New Home

Low Maintenance Costs

New homes come with everything brand new, no questions asked. Fewer repairs or replacement of appliances lowers owner costs and the appliances, hardwood flooring, carpet, and siding are all brand new. These are often costly items to fix or replace in older homes so you’re getting a fresh start when building a new home.


New homes often come with warranties that are backed by insurance. Structural warranties are often good for ten years. This means a homeowner can rest assured if something goes wrong, it will likely be covered under the warranty, rather than out of pocket. Ask our sales representatives about our warranty programs.

Site Selection

One of the best benefits of buying a new home is that prospective buyers can select a piece of land and build a house that will suit personal tastes and needs. Many subdivisions focus on amenities that homeowners can enjoy, even after the home is built. Conservancy subdivisions are on the rise and homeowners appreciate options that are created when a developer works with the existing landing and protects mature treelines. Walking trails and open space often add to a sense of community for families.


New homes come with amenities such as built-in appliances, central air conditioning, and heating systems, along with many other amenities. As a new home buyer, a person can choose from hundreds of floor plans to find one that matches a person’s lifestyle. Taking the extra step to build a new home that fulfills all one’s desires is very important up front. The personalization process can be fun, rewarding, and is often one of the best benefits of building a new home.

Energy Efficiency

A popular trend these days is to build energy efficient homes that are environmentally friendly and cost savers. New homes consume half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. The benefits to the environment, health, and a family’s wallet cannot be ignored. With new constructions, resources often include materials and techniques which save the consumer money, protect the environment, and conserve valuable resources.

Myriad benefits of building a new home exist for families who choose to go this route. It takes time up front to make decisions, but throughout the process, a family can be engaged and help create the perfect home with all the personal touches that make it fun and exciting.


If you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, call Brookstone Homes. We are ready to help you make decisions on everything from site selection, layout, interior and exterior amenities and everything in between. We are your premier home builder in Ohio. Call us to find out how we can help you choose that dream home:

(513) 340-7200

Community Spotlight: O’Bannon Meadows

Community Spotlight: O’Bannon Meadows

Community Spotlight: O’Bannon Meadows

O’Bannon Meadows is a quiet, picturesque community of houses for sale in Goshen, Ohio. Located in the Goshen Township school district, families will love this community tucked away along the O’Bannon Creek in Clermont County. Goshen is a community located 10 miles northeast of Cincinnati in the center of farmer’s fields which offers a respite for families seeking single-family homes in O’Bannon Meadows. One of the features of Goshen is a 19th century farmhouse, part of the history of Goshen.

Why People Love O’Bannon Meadows

O’Bannon Meadows has a rural feel with access to urban amenities, making it a gem among other nearby communities. The quiet atmosphere appeals to families who want a slower pace of living to raise a family with access to good schools. Walking paths are accessible with plenty of community green space. Families are drawn to the area for the spacious living and privacy that comes from living outside a major city while having quick access to I-275 just minutes away to  check out dining and entertainment options.

Design Your Home with Brookstone

Available home designs in the O’Bannon Meadows community are varied, with many exterior design options from which to choose your favorite. The designs include:

Arrowhead: features over 2,000 square feet, including 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. A family activity center on the second floor has lots of room for kids to play or for entertaining family and friends.

Cumberland: features over 1,600 square feet, including 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. The loft adds an ideal spot for an office or an extra bedroom.

Laurel: features over 1,500 square feet, including 2-4 bedrooms, and 2-3 bathrooms with various selections available. Families can choose to add space with a second story.

Nantucket: features over 2,400 square feet, including 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. The large kitchen with and island is perfect for cooking family meals or entertaining guests.

Reily: features over 1,100 square feet of space, including 2-4 bedrooms and 2-4 bathrooms, with various options available. The spacious first floor master suite with walk-in closet has lots of room for storage.

Springfield: features of 1,400 square feet of space including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Our award-winning design features a cozy, yet spacious living area to entertain family and dine in the large, open kitchen.


Brookstone Homes is ready to build the custom home of your dreams in O’Bannon Meadows or one of our other premier communities. If you are ready to build a signature home, call us. We can help you design and build a home that will suit all your needs: (513) 340-7200.

The Benefits of Working with Ohio Home Builders

The Benefits of Working with Ohio Home Builders

The Benefits of Working with Ohio Home Builders

With the growing number of benefits to working with Ohio home builders on customizing the perfect home, the time has never been better to get to work. Teaming up with a custom home builder has lots of potential to give a loving couple hands-on experience in creating a home that will serve your family well for years to come. There’s certainly few things more important to a family’s health and well being than the nest you build together.

Working with Ohio Home Builders

Money Saver

Lots of money is saved throughout the process of designing and building a custom home. You get exactly what you want without the market determining the value of the property ahead of time. Actually building a home from a design can give lower living costs while incorporating energy efficient elements into a home which saves money every month. Energy efficient options are the best bang for a family’s buck which is why selecting the best of Ohio home builders is the only way to go.

Time Saver

Time is precious. Families don’t have lots of time to wait around for things to happen. Selecting Ohio home builders like Brookstone Homes who can provide custom homes in a speedy, efficient way saves lots of time in the home buying process. Building new also eliminates the time spent fixing up issues which come from a pre-built home. The move-in process will be smooth and quick since you’ve designed the space to suit your needs.

Customized Approach

One of the best things about building with a custom home builder in Ohio is all the personal touches that go along with it. The purpose of working with Ohio home builders is to create a home around a family’s lifestyle, particularly in a way Midwesterners understand. Design options are available at many different price points. More than anything, people want to build more than a home, it is a legacy that families desire. And that’s what we’re here to build.

High Quality Homes

The best part of working with a custom home builder is knowing the quality of material in the home, and the labor that goes into the process, all come with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Ohio home builders like our team at Brookstone have the experience necessary to build with top materials in the most efficient way possible. At the end of the day, a quality home is what matters most, along with customer satisfaction. Quality homes consist of having a good plan and putting hard work into the process, to create the home of a family’s dreams.


Brookstone Homes is the premier Ohio home builder that will deliver on our promises to give you the dream home you have always wanted. Call us to find out how we can create a home you will be proud of for years to come. Our materials, products, and services are top notch. We put everything on the table and make sure you are satisfied.

Call us to get started on creating your custom home: (513) 340-7200.

Featured Home Plan : The Sycamore Floor Plan

Featured Home Design: The Sycamore Floor Plan

Featured Home Design: The Sycamore Floor Plan

Here at Brookstone Homes, we provide a variety of unique floor plans and signature home designs perfectly suited for your next family home. One of the home designs we feature is the Sycamore. Each of our signature home designs come with a variety of elevations and styles, and the Sycamore is no different. Explore the many options available for a new Sycamore home from Brookstone Homes.

What Makes the Sycamore Unique

Explore the benefits of enjoying one of our signature home designs with the Sycamore floor plan. There are many benefits both inside and out that will be exciting to families who want lots of space and room to grow.


Four different elevations are available with the Sycamore floor plan, each one unique in its design. Each elevation has a covered front porch to greet family and guests upon arrival which leads into a beautiful entry and foyer. The two car garage offers lots of room including a spacious driveway with ample parking for guests. This signature home design features over 1,700 square feet with an additional second floor and a finished lower level options to add even more space for entertaining guests and hosting family.


Families who choose the Sycamore floor plan will love the spacious layout, perfect for family gatherings or having friends over. A fireplace near the kitchen creates a cozy atmosphere to dine and relax while serving meals to family or guests. The open concept plan offers great entertainment value by providing opportunity to mingle with family and friends while dining in the kitchen. The kitchen pantry offers extra room for storage to keep the space organized.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms offer plenty of room for sleeping or room for an office. The master suite is large, yet comfortable, with a large walk-in closet to keep shoes, clothes, and linens organized. The spacious master bath provides a relaxing getaway at the start or end of the day. Families who choose the lower floor option will find additional room to host parties, family gatherings, and social events with a small kitchen and entertainment space. This would also make a great in-law suite for having family come to stay at the holidays or just to visit. Families will love the extra space for placing exercise equipment, kids toys, or finding room to get away and relax in the quiet comfort the space provides.

Building Your Dream Home with the Sycamore Home Design

Brookstone Homes is the Cincinnati home builder that delivers. Our entire team provides an experience that is unbeatable by the competition because we promise customer satisfaction as our first priority. Owner Shannon Lachenman is a fifth generation home builder who knows what Cincinnati families expect when they build their dream home. We know customers want lots of options and expertise when it comes to building. The Brookstone team is passionate about serving customer needs first when it comes to delivering the best in home buying and building opportunities in the greater Cincinnati area. We will help you get that dream home built quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.


Whether you’re interested in one of our signature home designs, like the Sycamore, or want to consult with our architects to create a completely custom home that’s unique to your family’s needs, there’s no one more experienced or qualified than Brookstone Homes.

Contact us today at (513) 340-7200!