6 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Ranch Home Living

Cliff May is normally credited for the modern-day ranch home as we know it. Ranch homes were popularized especially during the post-WWII “American Dream” phase of suburban sprawl. While ranch homes largely went out of style in the 1970s, we are seeing a huge resurgence in demand for these single-floor homes. When you stack up some of the ranch-home benefits, it’s not hard to see why they are coming back in style.


While of course it all comes down to square footage, ranch homes are offered in simpler sizes and shapes than their multiple-story counterparts. Because the floor plans are more open, they also require less duct work, plumbing and electrical lines to be installed. This means things are easier to repair and replace as the years go by.

Energy Efficiency

Since ranch homes are only one floor, there’s not a lot of fluctuation in temperature like those that happen when trying to heat and cool multiple levels. If the home is properly insulated and the windows are fit correctly, then a ranch home should be far more energy efficient than its multi-story counterparts.

Safe for Everyone

Ranch homes are perfect for families with members of different ages and abilities. Since there aren’t multiple levels, you won’t have a need for multiple staircases either. This makes the home extra safe from falls for families with young children, or for families with aging members who don’t want to take the stairs multiple times a day. Our builders are certified in Aging in Place Design, so our ranch homes will handle all the stages of your life.

Easier Maintenance

Ranch homes are much easier for the everyday handyman to maintain. Gutters are often reachable without an extendable ladder and roofs are easier to replace without hiring specialists. Your square footage is spread out over your whole lot rather than building skyward. This equals less grass and landscape to maintain. Because they are laid out flat, you often begin with a lot that’s been leveled out more fully, too.

Great for Entertaining

Most ranch homes are laid out in a more fluid, free-flowing floorplan than multi-story homes. They are far less likely to use individual walls to separate common areas of the home (like the kitchen, dining room and family room). Many ranch designs also incorporate windows and doors that flow into the backyard, too. This makes the ranch an obvious choice for backyard grillers and entertainers.

Less Interior Noise

Ditching the stairs means you will have noticeably less downstairs noise pollution from upstairs occupants—or as we like to say—ditching the angry herd of elephants.