Are Solar Panels Right for My Home?

Are Solar Panels Right for My Home?

It may be surprising to realize that a person does not have to live in a warm, sunny climate to see savings pile up from solar power. Solar is a smart investment in most areas, especially those with higher electricity costs. Learn more about the power of solar panels to help achieve cost saving and energy efficency goals for your new custom home.


Incentives and Rebates

A variety of incentives and rebates offered for homeowners switching to solar power exist at federal, state and local levels. This varies depending on region but incentives and rebates can reward residents with significant cost savings as prices are decreasing and incentives are less important overall for homeowners.


Orientation and Age of Roof

Ideally a home will have a south-facing roof. West and east facing roofs can have sufficient energy as well depending on the roof. Solar can be installed on roofs with angles anywhere from 0 to 45 degrees. An installer can mount panels at the perfect angle to maximize energy production. The age of the roof is part of the equation as it doesn’t have to be brand new but planning to replace it is important and, as a general guide, if the roof needs to be replaced in 5 years, it is best to have it done prior to having panels added.


Roof and Obstructions

The best way to work solar panels into a roof is to make sure the area is free from chimneys, skylights and dormers which serve as obstructions. The installer may be able to design the system around them depending on the roof.


Shading on Roof

Shadows from trees, neighboring buildings and other shading issues can decrease electricity production. While a building’s shadow may not be something a person can change, the branches can be trimmed to decrease effect on panel’s production.


Electricity Rates

The price of electricity in the area is a key factor in going solar. Installing solar panels makes sense most places but cost savings will vary depending on the price a person pays for utility usage. Due to variations in energy prices, some cloudier areas may reduce cost savings.

While solar works for almost all homes, the best candidate homes for installations include the following characteristics:

  • South or west-facing roof
  • Roof angle of 30 degrees
  • No obstructions on roof
  • No buildings or trees which cast shadows
  • New or relatively new roof

With these qualities, an ideal candidate may not exist for solar depending on age of the home, location and other factors. The best idea is to call Brookstone Homes to find out how we can assess your property for solar panels and see how we can create an opportunity to save money for you and your family.


If you’re ready to build a custom panels for your home, call Brookstone Homes. We will disclose all the information you need to make the best decision before and during the home building process.

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