Building a Healthy Home for Your Family’s Happiness

Building a Healthy Home for Your Family’s Happiness

Wellness is the newest concept to hit the housing market. Strategists identify three trends expected to impact future consumer behavior and wellness is one of them. Building healthy places is important to many families who want to unite the concept of health and home. Find out how to build a healthy home for family peace and happiness.


Clean Air

One of the most real concerns for families today is how to keep air clean inside the home. Nearly 70 percent of time is spent in the home by families. Indoor air quality is central to a vision of healthy home. Air quality includes anything from organic compounds released from building products to furniture, flooring to fabrics and glues. New homes can be healthier with a few tweaks:

  • Whole-house mechanical ventilation
  • High-efficiency minimum efficiency reporting value 8-rated air filters
  • Low VOC paints and finishes


Affordable Wellness

People make home which are healthy in various price ranges. Good air quality is becoming so mainstream it does not cost too much to add those elements to a home. Approximately one in 10 consumers will have heard the term volatile organic compounds which supports families in making better decisions around the home.


Paint, Floors, and Walls

Manufacturers work to develop building products which promote good air quality with flooring, paints and drywall to improve air quality. Additional new products can protect against moisture and mold including hardwood floors with titanium dioxide finish to break down toxic contaminants in the environment.


Well Over Green

For awhile, green building was in. Now, there is a natural affinity between green and wellness. Wellness is more compelling as a concept as people don’t care always about saving energy but most people want a clean, healthy home. Features and floorplans which promote wellbeing matter. Even in climates like New England, over 90 percent of clients have some connection outdoors which is reflected in the home design.


Developers are ready to focus on community features which promote healthy living and social connection. Land is scarce and lot sizes are decreasing. Owners want space to exercise and move in the yard as well as a pool or other amenities to add value. It pays to become aware of the wellness in housing trend when seeking to design a custom home which supports healthy living for the entire family.


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