Why People 55 and Older Should Still Buy

There’s a lot of attention being paid to downsizing homes for empty-nesters and those whose families are fully grown. Should you move? If so should you rent or buy? Here’s a look at some of the common questions, considerations, and issues you should make as you consider your set of living arrangements.

Income Stability

Will you or your spouse be on a controlled income in the near future? Renting might sound tempting, but you should take into consideration that a fixed mortgage might be more stable than renting a home or apartment. Unless you find yourself signing a rent-controlled lease, your housing costs might not be as predictable as you think. And even rent-controlled leases normally include an annual increase to keep pace with inflation.

Property Stability

Buying a home means it will always be yours. Unfortunately, with rental properties you don’t have this security. A landlord can decide to sell a property at any time (even with a revolving lease) and it might just leave you looking for a new place to live with no guarantees of security.


One of the most frequent arguments we hear about the benefits of renting is having maintenance be someone else’s problem. However, not all maintenance is covered by landlords, anyway. Many home renters are still responsible for lawn care, changing their own furnace filters, shoveling snow and more.

You can get many of the same benefits just by choosing a home community carefully. Brookstone Home’s maintenance-free communities offer year-round lawn care, mulching and snow removal through their HOA’s.


Only by owning can you get complete flexibility over your own home. There’s not a lease on the planet that will allow you to make property improvements, remodel, or even repaint without prior approval from your landlord. Owning your home is still the only way to have total control over your home environment.

Let’s Talk Cost

Mortgages are still cheaper than monthly rents in almost all markets across the U.S. Even with the economy rebounding, you’ll never get the same amount of space for the cost on a rental versus your mortgage. If you will be in a home even 10 years it still makes the most financial sense to buy.

The tax incentive is still a huge draw for homeowners as well. And lastly, owning makes most sense if you want to leave something of value to your children when you aren’t around anymore.

Brookstone Homes has a variety of ranch-style homes that could suit your needs during your Golden Years, and we’re one of the only builders around fully certified in Aging-in Place building. We can help you prepare for the next decade or more!

6 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Ranch Home Living

Cliff May is normally credited for the modern-day ranch home as we know it. Ranch homes were popularized especially during the post-WWII “American Dream” phase of suburban sprawl. While ranch homes largely went out of style in the 1970s, we are seeing a huge resurgence in demand for these single-floor homes. When you stack up some of the ranch-home benefits, it’s not hard to see why they are coming back in style.


While of course it all comes down to square footage, ranch homes are offered in simpler sizes and shapes than their multiple-story counterparts. Because the floor plans are more open, they also require less duct work, plumbing and electrical lines to be installed. This means things are easier to repair and replace as the years go by.

Energy Efficiency

Since ranch homes are only one floor, there’s not a lot of fluctuation in temperature like those that happen when trying to heat and cool multiple levels. If the home is properly insulated and the windows are fit correctly, then a ranch home should be far more energy efficient than its multi-story counterparts.

Safe for Everyone

Ranch homes are perfect for families with members of different ages and abilities. Since there aren’t multiple levels, you won’t have a need for multiple staircases either. This makes the home extra safe from falls for families with young children, or for families with aging members who don’t want to take the stairs multiple times a day. Our builders are certified in Aging in Place Design, so our ranch homes will handle all the stages of your life.

Easier Maintenance

Ranch homes are much easier for the everyday handyman to maintain. Gutters are often reachable without an extendable ladder and roofs are easier to replace without hiring specialists. Your square footage is spread out over your whole lot rather than building skyward. This equals less grass and landscape to maintain. Because they are laid out flat, you often begin with a lot that’s been leveled out more fully, too.

Great for Entertaining

Most ranch homes are laid out in a more fluid, free-flowing floorplan than multi-story homes. They are far less likely to use individual walls to separate common areas of the home (like the kitchen, dining room and family room). Many ranch designs also incorporate windows and doors that flow into the backyard, too. This makes the ranch an obvious choice for backyard grillers and entertainers.

Less Interior Noise

Ditching the stairs means you will have noticeably less downstairs noise pollution from upstairs occupants—or as we like to say—ditching the angry herd of elephants.

Perks of Maintenance-Free Communities

So you’ve made the decision to start building the home of your dreams, but haven’t quite decided where you’d like to land? Make sure to think about your needs and priorities when planning the location of your next move. Maintenance-free communities have a lot to offer compared to the traditional suburban neighborhood—from shared community amenities to managed services, a Brookstone maintenance-free community might just be the perfect choice for you.

Lower Cost

The homes in our maintenance-free communities are always new. One advantage to building a new home in a maintenance-free community is that they cost less over time. New building materials, appliances, hardwood flooring, carpet and siding all mean it will be many years before repairs even become necessary. These items are often costly to replace in older homes.


New home warranties are backed by insurance, and structural warranties are good for ten years. You can rest assured that if something goes wrong, it likely won’t have to be fixed out of pocket. Be sure to ask our sales representatives about our different warranty programs!

Free Time

Living in a maintenance free community will free up a ton of your personal time! Gone are the countless hours you used to spend mowing and edging your lawn, trimming hedges or working on garden upkeep. The Brookstone communities’ HOA features year-round yard lawn care, mulching and snow removal. You’ll never have to spend weekends working on your yard!

Picturesque Neighborhood

Our maintenance-free communities are as beautiful as they are easy to live in. The HOA managed landscaping and yard maintenance and the abundance of green space means your community will always have a pristine, resort feel to them. How lovely is it when home feels like a vacation?

Community Lifestyle

Our maintenance-free communities offer some shared areas and walking paths that encourage neighbors to mingle and explore more than just your own home. Amenities vary by location, so be sure to ask your sales representative what community features your neighborhood has when you are planning your move.

Preparing to Age in Place

People are living longer than ever before. So how do we prepare for the difficulties that advancing age brings? Like most things, the answer is careful and considerate planning. A great age-in-place plan will cover anything that affects your quality of life, from living arrangements to finances to transportation and your sense of community. But this plan needs to be adaptable, as both your abilities and your situation can change over a time.

But one of the biggest pieces of the aging-in-place puzzle will undoubtedly be your home. Here are a few things to consider as you build a home that will allow you to live out your golden years in independence and comfort.

Choosing a Home You can Keep Forever

First things first, decide from the outset whether you want a multi-story home or a single-floor layout. Determining how you will get around as mobility issues affect you will be central to many of your decisions. If you need the extra space of a multi-level home, consider how you want to grow over time. A second-floor master suite may be fine in the early stages, but later in life you may need your primary living space to be on the first floor. If you are really cemented to the idea of keeping your master suite on the second floor, then you need to consider things like how to handle the stairs in years to come. Will you build a staircase that can later be converted to an elevator? If not, then make sure your staircase is wide enough to accommodate a stair lift, or other assisted device down the line. Choose handrails constructed from solid materials.

Retrofitting Your Home in Later Years

You should also consider making home design choices that can be updated later to keep up with the changes that happen in your life. How easy will it be to install modifications that assist you in your daily living? Can you easily install handrails and slip-resistant flooring in your bathrooms when they become necessary? What about grab rails for toilets and showers?

Another item to consider is your kitchen layout. Can you easily reach cabinets and appliances without the assistance of a step-ladder?

Door handles are something you might also want to choose carefully. Can you easily reach and open door handles? A good suggestion is lever-handled doorknobs that can be easily opened if factors like arthritis come into play.

Good lighting should be installed throughout the house, to prevent injuries as eyesight becomes an issue. And make sure you can reach your garage or parking area easily, and that there aren’t a lot of stairs or curbs involved.

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is another topic that will need solid planning over time. Sturdy building materials that don’t require a lot of care or cleaning are also a good idea—like brick or vinyl exteriors. You should also plan for items like lawncare and landscaping. Choose plants or shrubs that don’t require a lot of upkeep. And if you can afford it, find a trusted service to handle those items for you.

A full age-in-place plan is holistic and covers all your bases—long before you need to use it. Brookstone Homes is fully certified in Aging-in-Place Design and can plan for details exclusive to this preparation—like zero-entry showers and bathtubs. We would love to be your trusted partner in building a home you can keep forever. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Featured Home Plan : The Sycamore Floor Plan

Featured Home Design: The Sycamore Floor Plan

Featured Home Design: The Sycamore Floor Plan

Here at Brookstone Homes, we provide a variety of unique floor plans and signature home designs perfectly suited for your next family home. One of the home designs we feature is the Sycamore. Each of our signature home designs come with a variety of elevations and styles, and the Sycamore is no different. Explore the many options available for a new Sycamore home from Brookstone Homes.

What Makes the Sycamore Unique

Explore the benefits of enjoying one of our signature home designs with the Sycamore floor plan. There are many benefits both inside and out that will be exciting to families who want lots of space and room to grow.


Four different elevations are available with the Sycamore floor plan, each one unique in its design. Each elevation has a covered front porch to greet family and guests upon arrival which leads into a beautiful entry and foyer. The two car garage offers lots of room including a spacious driveway with ample parking for guests. This signature home design features over 1,700 square feet with an additional second floor and a finished lower level options to add even more space for entertaining guests and hosting family.


Families who choose the Sycamore floor plan will love the spacious layout, perfect for family gatherings or having friends over. A fireplace near the kitchen creates a cozy atmosphere to dine and relax while serving meals to family or guests. The open concept plan offers great entertainment value by providing opportunity to mingle with family and friends while dining in the kitchen. The kitchen pantry offers extra room for storage to keep the space organized.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms offer plenty of room for sleeping or room for an office. The master suite is large, yet comfortable, with a large walk-in closet to keep shoes, clothes, and linens organized. The spacious master bath provides a relaxing getaway at the start or end of the day. Families who choose the lower floor option will find additional room to host parties, family gatherings, and social events with a small kitchen and entertainment space. This would also make a great in-law suite for having family come to stay at the holidays or just to visit. Families will love the extra space for placing exercise equipment, kids toys, or finding room to get away and relax in the quiet comfort the space provides.

Building Your Dream Home with the Sycamore Home Design

Brookstone Homes is the Cincinnati home builder that delivers. Our entire team provides an experience that is unbeatable by the competition because we promise customer satisfaction as our first priority. Owner Shannon Lachenman is a fifth generation home builder who knows what Cincinnati families expect when they build their dream home. We know customers want lots of options and expertise when it comes to building. The Brookstone team is passionate about serving customer needs first when it comes to delivering the best in home buying and building opportunities in the greater Cincinnati area. We will help you get that dream home built quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.


Whether you’re interested in one of our signature home designs, like the Sycamore, or want to consult with our architects to create a completely custom home that’s unique to your family’s needs, there’s no one more experienced or qualified than Brookstone Homes.

Contact us today at (513) 340-7200!