Custom Home Builders Help You Create Your Forever Home

Custom Home Builders Help You Create Your Forever Home

Starter-homes were designed long ago to offer home buyers the potential of two basic opportunities: two or three small bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, a kitchen, minimal living area and a large backyard with lots of maintenance. As we progress in life, it becomes necessary to expand our available space and seek a more appealing person tough to your home. Custom building a home can be a dream come true for buyers looking for something extra special and unique to their needs. That’s the magic of building with Brookstone.


Buying a New Home

Today, buyers want more than a small shoe box home that will meet needs for just a few years. A nicer, bigger home without enough features to last for many years to come is the new standard for home owners oriented toward quality and comfort. The ‘forever’ home concept is not a fairy tale, it’s a real ideal that people follow when searching for properties to suit their long term needs. People are moving less and staying in existing homes longer these days. Rather than offering buyers starter homes to trade-up, Cincinnati home builders like Brookstone Homes are offering homes custom designed to meet all the buyer’s needs at the start of the process which last for longer as families grow.


Less Maintenance

Long-term home buyers are seeking low maintenance and energy efficiency in new properties. Features which appeal to a broad range of buyers are ideal. People are not interested in too much maintenance, so the amenities of the home have to be maintained easily with less work. Dual-paned windows with low-e coatings and high efficiency furnaces are in. Higher-quality appliances are an important feature as well. We pay special attention to the home features that have a long term impact on families and offer a wide range of energy safe and cost efficient solutions.


Future Needs

Planning for future needs and desires is key, especially for large families. Short-term homeowners don’t plan ahead for major home improvements. Long-term buyers start thinking about upgrades and improvements when shopping for a home, even if changes may not happen for 10 years or more. Buyers purchase custom-built homes with a focus on long-term benefits like a location that is going to stick with the family forever. Every decision counts when building your forever home.


Planning with Incentives

Most home buyers really love incentives when seeking that long lasting forever home. These are the details that bring an extra shine to the home environment and add another layer of comfort to the place you call home. Examples of some features families seek include:

  • Wider doorways
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Larger showers
  • Zero-step entrances
  • Living spaces for visiting family
  • Caregiver spaces
  • and more


Future planning is also about square footage and the right amount of space a family will want now and in the future. Homes that people typically buy range from 2,000-4,000 square feet of space to accommodate most needs. A home that is custom built with new-construction will focus on achieving a family’s future needs as much as immediate needs, setting you up for renovations that might be decades away. Referrals from other customers of a premium home builder is essential to ensure not only that the homes were built with quality but also that they have stood the test of time.  We’re proud of the testimonials our happy customers have offered on our behalf because it speaks to our commitment to quality and dependability in our work.


A custom dream home for you and your family is within reach. If you are ready to get started, call Brookstone Homes to meet with a home building specialist and review the many options for the place you’ll call home forever.