Homeowner Tips for Settling Into Your New Custom Home

Homeowner Tips for Settling Into Your New Custom Home

Homeowner Tips for Settling Into Your New Custom Home

Moving into a new home is both exciting and daunting in the same breath. While you’ve been planning this move for quite awhile, it seems like now that it is here, everything needs to happen at once. To help you settle into the new space, there are some general tips to follow which can smooth the rough edges.

Change of Address

The last thing you want is to find your mail going to an old address. To ensure safe delivery, be sure to file change-of-address forms with the local post office. Do this well before the move to be sure important mail is not missed (such as bills). Don’t forget to update your address with:

  • Driver’s license facility
  • Voter registration
  • Credit card companies
  • Banks
  • Auto insurance providers
  • Publication subscriptions
  • Utility companies

Store Documents

Nobody wants to deal with lost or misplaced property during a move. Moving van documents and important real estate papers can easily end up in boxes and get tossed by accident. Closing documents note mortgage, cost, and ownership of the home so be sure to safely store where you know how to access them quickly.

Check Repairs and Do Inspection

Most builders conduct a final walkthrough shortly before closing on a new home. This is the time when last minute details can be noted. Many will have been taken care of prior to the move but check with the builder on each item. Getting to know your new home is part of the fun, but make sure all the key systems are in working order. The builder will likely want to explain warranties and provide access to operating manuals. Learn where electrical circuit breakers are and how to operate those along with key aspects of your home such as security system, home theater, garage, water softener, sprinkler system, appliances, and more.

Last Tips

The following are just some key things to keep in mind that can help you feel more comfortable as you shift into gear owning this new property:

  • Decorate the home or hire someone to help bring your vision to life
  • Get to know your neighborhood by greeting neighbors, checking out playgroups, and finding people who may share similar interests with you
  • Gather emergency information and get to know the address and phone numbers of the nearest hospital, police station and fire station
  • When your family is settled, celebrate by having people over and throw a nice party
  • Now is the time to finally relax, enjoy the space, and take it all in that this will be your new home



If you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, call Brookstone Homes. Building a home to your specifications may be just what you need to finally feel settled into a new home. Brookstone will work with you to help create the home of your dreams.

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