How Much Square Footage is Right for Your Family?

How Much Square Footage is Right for Your Family?

Larger homes can offer plenty of amenities to growing families but smaller, cozier homes are making a comeback in the marketplace for a variety of reasons. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, of course. Ultimately it depends on the needs and preferences of each home buyer as to how much square footage is right for your family. Let’s explore the ins and outs of selecting the right size home to suit the family’s needs. If you have questions, remember that the custom home design experts at Brookstone Homes are here to help you through the decision making process.


Space Usage

Once home buyers discover a home that suits their needs and preferences, the focus shifts from size to function. Growing families, school districts, neighborhoods, and affordability all play a consideration into a home size because how it will be lived in often determines how big a house really needs to be. Experienced homeowners are usually specific about square footage needs because they’ve experienced having too little or too much and want to get it right this time around. Some families know exactly what is needed while others need time to figure it out. Consider the amount of furniture and storage space you’ll need, as well as where the family tends to spend most of their time. Having adequate space to spend time together as well as to get away from each other for privacy helps keep a harmonious balance in the home.

Bedroom-Living Space Ratio

In spite of the steady rise in square footage, proper design is critical in any size home.  What might be good for one buyer may not be suitable for another. It depends on the way square footage is assembled and how the floor plans are laid out. The bedroom to living space ratio is a key consideration and depends largely on the size of the family and how family members utilize the space of the home. A typical rule of thumb is that for every bedroom the home must have sufficient space for two people to sit in the dining and living area. Grandparents, parents, and children should have their own space for privacy from other family members.  



One obvious factor is the higher cost of new homes. Some custom home buyers want the extra space to accommodate their desires for extra room and luxury amenities while others figure out a budget to fit their needs and find ways to get creative about the best way to lay out a home. While the size of a home generally depends on the available budget, there are many ways to creatively use custom home floor plans to get the best use of the available space. Typically a builder likes to go through the scenarios and make sure what a homeowner wants will fit in with the square footage available in a home and budget.


Master Suites

Home Buyers are often surprised by the functional use of space in a home and how much square footage can be purchased and creatively utilized. Many buyers see value in larger homes and end up buying a bigger residence than they originally planned. The love of space is so great that some empty-nesters will upsize rather than downsize to finally enjoy  the extra space and quiet in the home. Extra space in the master bedroom can be a splurge once the kids leave the house, and who could blame you? Sometimes the extra work to create a master suite of a parent’s dreams is recompense for all the money and space given to kids over the years. Sometimes a family just desires to have a getaway within the home and create a haven that is just for the parents to indulge in some quiet space away from kids and the chaos of life.  All options are completely reasonable and we encourage you to splurge on yourself as much as the kids and extended family.


Whatever a family’s desires, it is helpful to decide how much square footage is needed and how the space will be utilized. Once that is determined, it’s easier to build the home of a family’s dreams and create the special nest that everyone has dreamed of.

Brookstone Homes is ready to build your custom home with the right square footage and designed to your specifications. We are ready to help you achieve your dream build. Call us to find out how to get started.