Best Cincinnati Home Builder

How to Choose the Best Cincinnati Home Builder

Finding the right home building company to suit all your personal goals and wishes is one, if not the, most important decision to make in the home buying process. Success at this level can really make a difference for the entire project going forward. Take the following proven ways to speed up the selection process and help ensure a quality builder will be a good match for that dream home.


10 Things to Know

The following ten points are the keys to the kingdom of home building. When setting out to do initial research, keep these in mind along the way.


Specify needs: some builders specialize in a specific type of home, price range or style. Building materials, trade contractors and even the building process can differ between builders. Not all criteria may be met but if sacrifices are made, often homeownership can be a breeze and a dream with the right team.


Go with experience: new firms can have a lot to offer in the marketplace, particularly with seasoned pros on staff. Go for the builder with strong experience and a long history of excellence in the staff.


Read reviews: if past home buyers were satisfied, chances are you will be, too. Some questions to ask include whether an individual would buy another home from the builder, recommend them to family or friends and why the individual would choose (or not) to go with their company again.


Licensure: builders do not have to be licensed in every state so it pays to make sure the builders are covered throughout the building process.


Warranties: new constructions come automatically with many warranties on service and products. Look instead for structural warranty of ten years or longer, ideally transferrable in the event of sale. Check into builders who provide prompt and courteous service under warranty and explain required maintenance.


Resale: look for builders whose homes tend to hold or maintain the value for several years.


Tour model homes: once the list is narrowed own, this step is crucial to a successful build. Home tours can speak volumes to the style and indicate factors which may play into building that dream home. Pay close attention to the look, feel and quality throughout.


Construction quality: Look at homes under construction by the builder. Notice signs of care and attention. Also look for building products used and whether the builder has a well-earned reputation for quality.


The quality of people who work for the builder are also critical markers of success moving forward. If the builder is courteous, prompt, helpful in answering questions, provides good responses and is engaged in the process these are all great signs. With the tips above and a keen eye for that right fit, it is a good indicator that new home is just on the horizon.


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