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Preparing for the Final Inspection Walk-Through with Your Cincinnati Home Builder

A builder will take homebuyers through a property on a final ‘walk through’ to conduct an inspection. The walk-through provides an opportunity to learn how the new home works and spot any items in need of adjustment. Learn some tips to prepare for the final inspection.


Getting Started

When a new appliance or piece of equipment is purchased, the instructions must be read prior to understanding all the features. A new home is no different. A stack of instruction books come with a how-to guide on operations for all appliances, heating and cooling systems, water heater and other features. An orientation is useful to get acclimated to the new space.


Know the Warranties

Maintenance and upkeep responsibilities are very important. Most new homes come with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. Such warranties do not cover problems that develop due to failure to perform required maintenance. Many builders provide a booklet to explain common upkeep responsibilities and the best way to perform those responsibilities.


If a warrantied problem comes up after move-in, the builder is likely to have a set of warranty service procedures. Except in emergency cases, requests for service should be in writing. This helps ensure everyone understands the service to be performed. The person receiving the service request is not likely to be the person performing the work. Do not just rely on word of mouth for transmission of the service order.


Scheduling Visits

Builders sometimes wish to schedule two visits during the first year. One at the beginning and one near the end to make any adjustments and perform non-emergency work. If a home has been moved from a nearby area, this will probably result in not much time spent at a walk-through talking about the larger community where the home is located. If moving to a new community, a builder may provide a packet of material to help become acclimated. The most effective way to deal with this is through writing a checklist. The list should include whatever needs attention discussed between the home buyer and the builder.


Final Inspection

Builders like to remedy any problems prior to move in as it is easier to work inside an empty house. Some items may need to be corrected after move-in. The builder may want to delay landscaping adjustments until spring if a walk-through occurs in winter. It is very important to be thorough and observant during the walk-through by doing the following:

  • Examine all surfaces of counters, fixtures, floors and walls for damage
  • Ask a lot of questions during walk-through and take notes on answers
  • Take the opportunity to engage the walk-through in a positive way to make sure all is well


The final inspection is key to feeling safe and secure in the new home with less worry about anything that might be wrong or need fixing. Be sure to take a proactive approach to finally be able to enjoy that dream home.


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