Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for New Cincinnati Homes

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for New Cincinnati Homes

Sunshine is here and summer is around the corner. Vacation plans are in full swing as are the daily plans for park visits, playtime at the pool and barbecues outside. Now is also the time to consider summer home maintenance as part of getting ready for warmer temps. Follow these simple tips and tricks for getting your space ready for all those guests.

Use Your Friends (Wisely)

Even if you are hosting, that doesn’t mean you should shoulder all the work. Set a casual tone by doing things like a potluck. It might seem like a good idea to ask friends to pitch in with lugging the garden gnomes out and repainting, but be sure to offer them some thanks in the form of ice cold lemonade and cookies.

Be Prepared

Summer home maintenance is all about the preparation. Thinking ahead to the jam-packed summer, you can do yourself a favor and start early. Getting your space ready for summer is more than just making it ready to host friends and family for parties, it is about making sure you dust the cobwebs out and get it safe and ready for use.

Inspect the A/C

The last thing anybody wants to deal with on a hot day is a broken air conditioning unit. Coming home on a steamy day to an even steamier home is not only unpleasant, it also can be dangerous. A little preventative maintenance can help ensure you don’t find yourself in this predicament. Be sure to check the filter every three months and check the HVAC system for a tune-up.

Prep Windows

Warmer weather means we crawl from the cave of winter into spring and finally arrive on the doorstep of sunshine and life abundant. Opening windows can feel good, but it helps to check out what is around those windows like curtains. Lighter fabrics take advantage of added daylight and brighten a room. Be sure to inspect screens for any holes and repair before opening windows.

Test All Detectors

It is never a bad idea to check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home while performing routine summer maintenance. A few minutes spent on checking batteries can save more than just money and time.

Try a Clothesline

Why not take advantage of summer air and save on your energy bill. Back in the day nearly everyone line dried clothes. There are a variety of styles and prices to choose from when looking at ways to install a clothesline. Be sure to check with your HOA or neighborhood association to make sure it is okay to hang a clothesline on your property prior to installation.


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