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The Final Inspection with your Cincinnati New Home Builder

A new home is made of thousands of components, often assembled by a team of contractors over the course of weeks or months. When everything is complete, you’ll complete a final inspection with your builder to ensure that everything meets your standards and approval. Cincinnati new home builders are able to help complete a final inspection of a home build with some of the following considerations in mind.

Your Final Inspection with New Home Builders in Cincinnati

The Final Walkthrough of Your New Home

The final walkthrough of any new home construction is very important to making sure a home is built according to instructions, with your direction, and with your final approval. Scheduled after all construction is complete, typically the inspection takes place before a homeowner assumes ownership of the home to make sure everything is satisfactory. The buyer and builder will walk through the home together and mark items needing attention. Some builders may perform an inspection prior to customer walkthrough so that blemishes, scratches, and dents can be repaired ahead of time.

A Timeline is Important to Establish

New home builders in Cincinnati will have a dedicated crew or staff person to complete a to-do list and may ask the contractor who did the work to make repairs. The difference may not matter to buyers but owners want to know what work is done when. Keeping a list of these items to be completed will help keep things moving forward. Waiting 15 to 20 working days to get items fixed is not unusual but emergencies can pop up which may increase this timeframe and will be taken care of promptly. If you have questions about your final walkthrough, ask questions during the closing process and mark timelines on your calendar.

Check it Out

Before moving into a property, a home buyer should make a list of any problems discovered after move-in. Some builders may ask for a list within 30 days while others are okay with 60-90 days after move-in. After move in, read the manual provided by new home builders in Cincinnati that explain how to care for the new property including changing air filters, looking for drainage issues, and familiarizing oneself with the manual to save from future headaches.


Homes are a large investment. Most new home builders in Cincinnati understand and respect that investment and work to help homeowners make it the best it can be. If an appointment is missed or items appear neglected, reach out to the builder and ask for answers. Keep in mind a builder probably constructs many homes a year and will work to respond quickly to a homeowner’s needs.


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