These Beautiful Custom Home Upgrades are Totally Worth It!

Some upgrades are worth the investment while others are easily forgettable. The key is to know the upgrade options that will serve a family best every day now and in the future. Learn about the beautiful custom home upgrades that make it all worthwhile.



The kitchen is the heart of any home, where people spend the majority of time cooking, chatting and making memories. There is never a kitchen that can be overly well equipped. Pay special attention to some of the nuances such as cabinets and appliances. Many people may forego energy-efficient, higher-end appliances but that is almost always more expensive. A quality fridge and freezer can keep food fresher longer and hold savings up while keeping costs down. The best upgrades include:

  • Quality dishwashers
  • Microwave drawers
  • Stand-alone hoods
  • Under-counter beverage centers
  • Upgrade to semi-custom variety of cabinets
  • Pull-out pantries over open shelving to provide more storage, access and less space



Many people overlook lighting but it can make or break a room. The atmosphere of a space is often driven by how well the lighting is within a given room. Key rooms to make note of lighting in may include kitchen and bathroom. Baths are overlooked when it comes to lighting. It is best to have light coming at a person from above and around the head. Opt for overhead and task lighting. Kitchens can have under-cabinet lights for cooking and brighten spaces for entertaining.



The key to a well maintained home is the look and feel of a home’s floors. Wood floors seem to always be in style. If money is tight, focus on the living and kitchen areas. Radiant heat flooring is important in cooler climates to support homeowners and potential buyers in the future.


Energy Savers

Many ways exist to save on energy bills beyond buying the right kitchen appliances. Tankless water heaters along with plumbing and air conditioning units with high efficiency ratings provide huge savings and are always worth the upgrade.


Home Electric

Not all upgrades need be expensive but adding extra outlets and ceiling fans can really make life more comfortable without a high cost. Many people stress about upgrades when it is not in a plan or budget. Earmark a budgeted amount of money towards home improvements to avoid the overwhelm when things are desired (or needed) in a home. This also brings focus to where expenditures can go for best resale value and aesthetic quality.


Don’t compromise your desires for that beautiful home of your dreams. Call Brookstone Homes to help you design and create the space you want to live in for a long time to come. We will help you make it happen. Call us to find out how to get started.