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Tips for Selecting the Best Upgrades from your Cincinnati Home Builder

Once a contract is signed to purchase a new home, there are some tips for selecting best upgrades to make the home even more special. Selecting features and finishes can personalize a space. Find out some helpful tips to get started.


Structural Changes

Structural additions or changes should be done when the contract is signed. Buyers can easily get overwhelmed.  Fireplaces, recessed lighting, rooms or garages need to be changed early as it may impact the building permit pulled by the builder.


Post-Purchase Upgrades

It may make sense to make certain changes after the home is purchased. Cosmetic features such as paint, landscape, lighting and plumbing fixtures can often be made after the closing. Purchasing upgrades through the builder may help to roll cost into the mortgage rather than paying out of pocket.


Builder Timeline

About two to three weeks after the contract is signed and approved, the builder will arrange a meeting at the design center. Some things may be able to be changed after the meeting so it helps to be prepared with the list of items desired. Photos of what is desired is perfectly acceptable.


Model Look

The model home a person falls in love with may have thousands of options which cost varying amounts. Many builders include a number of standard features in the base price while others may not. Be sure to check before moving ahead.


Budget Wisely

Prepare a budget and stick to it. Cabinets, granite and top-of-the-line flooring can all be tempting but it is easy to overspend and overextend. Prepare a budget before the design meeting and stick with it.


Needs vs. Wants

Remain flexible. A budget will not allow for all the extras a person wants so prepare a list of must-haves and want-to-haves. Some things can be done more cheaply and others can be put off until another time if it can be done later.


Resale Value

Do not over-customize. New home buyers want homes to reflect personal style and taste. It is important to consider resale value. Sometimes things such as wall color are better off being neutral colors than lavender or other color so if a person moves, the appeal to potential home buyers will increase.


Deal with a builder you can trust. Brookstone Homes create custom homes to fit all your needs. With so many options and upgrades to choose from, you will only deal with the best when building the home of your dreams with us. Call us to find out how to get started.